Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: The Secret

Was pretty sick earlier this week, so my reading's been a little slower than normal, but I did finish The Secret by Beverly Lewis. This is the first in the Seasons of Grace trilogy and is centered around the disappearance of Lettie Byler. For the past few months, Lettie has been seen leaving the house late at night and acting rather depressed. Everyone in her family has noticed, but most of her family thought it may have something to do with the death of her sister, Naomi, a few years prior. Lettie's daughter, Grace, is most profoundly affected by her mother's disappearance. Not only are her responsibilities at home increased, but her mother's goodbye letter was written directly to Grace. Grace is unsure why her mother has left, or wrote the letter to her, but she is determined to come to the bottom of her mother's strange disappearance.

Judah, Lettie's husband, knows that he hasn't been the best husband, but had no idea that his wife would take off in the middle of the night. Not only is he feeling pressure from the church as to why she has disappeared, but Lettie's mysterious withdraw of $5000, has not made life on the farm any easier, especially during the difficult time of lambing on the Byler farm.

Heather, an Englisher, has just discovered she has been diagnosed with cancer, the same disease that took her mother 18 months before. Unsure what to make of the diagnosis, she decides to go against the advice of the doctor and refuse traditional treatment. Instead, she makes the bold move of taking homeopathic treatment in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, a place close to her and her mother's hearts. When her fiance breaks off their engagement from Iraq, she knows that this is the perfect opportunity to get away from her hectic life. She seeks refuge in an Amish home, neighbor's to the Bylers.

What will happen to Heather's health, and will she finally tell her dad of her terrible diagnosis? Will Grace be able to find her mother and the potential secret she is carrying? Will Lettie be able to find some peace? Read this novel and the rest of the Seasons of Grace trilogy to find out.

I enjoyed the beginning of the Seasons of Grace series. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered for me so I am excited to read the other two novels. I liked that there are a couple of stories going on to keep me interested and while I had a good feeling about Lettie's secret, I am unsure what will become of Heather, as well as Grace's love life. I liked that a love story wasn't the main theme of this book, but that it was intertwined as more of a back story. I think that because the story was not about a "perfect" Amish family it kept me engaged even more. Hope you enjoy!

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